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Welcome to db artisans

The crown jewels. The Mona Lisa. The Taj Mahal. Your firm's databases. Stonehenge.

Did anything in that last line sound out of place?

It shouldn't.

When you care enough about what you design and build, the end result is art.
A masterful, silent witness to the skill and eye of the artisan that created it,
something to be appreciated for generations, and which stands the test of time.

An enterprise system should be no different.

If you are tired of slipping deadlines, fragile systems, and non-functioning teams, it's time to call in an artisan.

I have two decades of intense experience designing and building large and busy systems in telecom, finance and energy.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Top-shelf Oracle PL/SQL expertise
  • Design and build strategic systems and enterprise architecture
  • Development coaching with Agile development methods
  • Establish and enforce development standards, training and templates
  • Oracle database design and data modeling for very large, complex systems
  • Real-time and highly-concurrent web/database applications
  • Oracle administration and performance tuning
  • Oracle 9iAS administration and PL/SQL Web Toolkit development
  • Custom ETL frameworks for Operational DBs and Data Warehouses
  • Business programming
  • Requirements analysis
  • Software configuration management
  • LDAP integration

Please contact us if you need help in any of these areas.

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