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Founder: Bill Coulam

(1995 - 1998) AT&T, Pacific Bell, SBC, US WEST, and Qwest are counted among some of his former clients. For these customers, he was a key architect, developer or lead for:

  • A multi-million $ project which gave PacBell the ability to bill in one second increments. The Value Promise Plus project gave PacBell the ability to offer a broader range of products and promotions to their largest customers. It mainly involved work in COBOL and IBM's DB2.
  • An $80M project (just the software side) to replace all of PacBell's aging customer-facing systems with an integrated C++ client, and C middleware services hooked up to an enormous Oracle backend via Tuxedo. This would be PacBell's ACN, or Advanced Communications Network, running on top of a $19B network upgrade using hybrid-fiber coax. We had 12,000 paying test customers in San Jose and San Diego, receiving voice and interactive digital television through their phone lines. In 1996, it was bleeding edge. SBC yanked the plug when they took over. Bummer.
  • A large effort for US WEST to replace their aging product and sales data warehouse and reporting system. It served about 5,000 customer service representatives and their supervisors. It involved Oracle's application server, a custom web application framework, and PL/SQL. It broke US WEST's previous records for client request throughput and operated on a huge clustered Oracle DB.
  • A daunting effort to replace AT&T's thirty-eight custom web application architectures with one, integrated, common architecture.

(1998 - 2004) New Global Telecom (Golden, CO)

  • Most of the systems and some of the enterprise architecture on which NGT (New Global Telecom of Golden, CO) was able to quickly rise from a $4M to $250M wholesale long distance company. Again, this involved lots of custom PL/SQL, and now Java, application frameworks for batch and online transaction processing. This was all running on large (600GB+) Oracle 8i and 9i backends that Bill designed, tuned and built.

(2004 - 2007) TSG (Houston, TX)

  • Served as Data Modeler and Data Architect, bringing even more rigor and efficiency to Structure's world-class software processes. One key success was bringing a model improvement process down from 3 days to 10 minutes. Another was saving a critical account using deep knowledge and thorough testing of Oracle's index-organized table feature for a billion+ row data set.

(2007 - Present) Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter-Day Saints)
Left the world of for-profit corporations and consulting to help his church as they embarked on an ambitious IT catch-up that involved over 300 new projects.

  • Senior Engineer in the Enterprise Information Management group.
  • Still researches, writes and presents at UTOUG, RMOUG and IOUG whenever possible.
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