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The following ZIP file is an entire PL/SQL application framework and documentation that could give your custom Oracle application a boost by several months.

Have no fear. There are only ascii text files in here ;-)

Read the included User Guide in the Docs directory. The Getting Started and Installation sections should help. I routinely install the whole thing in under 2 minutes.

PL/SQL Application Framework and Documentation v2.0 (2.7 MB zip)

And this is a simplified version of the same framework, offering mainly table-driven app parameters, file operations, exception handling and instrumentation.
This version can be installed in a minute. There are four tables, and four main packages to be aware of, with only a few commonly used routines in each. No learning curve. Read the comments in the __InstallSimpleFmwk.sql and then run that script from SYS.

PL/SQL Simple Application Framework (225 Kb)

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